Coyote-Dog Attacks

Coyote-Dog Attacks

They may look like cousins, but coyotes are not friendly animals to domestic dogs. In fact, coyote attacks on dogs occur more frequently than we read in the news. Here are a few steps that can be done at home to prevent coyote attacks on dogs:

Coyote Vests

Laugh now, but these spiky vests can save a dog's life. The vests are used to shield dogs from not only coyote encounters but also wolves, foxes and even swooping birds. They are affordable and easy to slip onto all size dogs.

Pick up after your dog

Okay, it may be your yard, but leaving your companion pet's fecal matter may be what is attracting coyotes. Pick up your dog's poop to prevent coyotes from wandering onto yards - and offer a cleaner appearance to your own landscape.

Coyote-Proof Fencing

Coyote management is recommended to homeowners that live in areas with a lot of coyotes. Coyotes don't just encounter pets, but also sniff out home gardens, too. To prevent garden damage from coyotes, and pet encounters, it is recommended to install a 6' fence made from metal construction such as a hexagonal fence.


Coyote attacks on pets have increased over the years; but by taking the necessary precautions, pet owners can prevent wildlife encounters with pets and keep the peace with wildlife.