Dog Ownership 101

Dog Ownership 101

Being a responsible dog owner is more than just providing pets with fresh water and toys. It's providing them with attention, affection and care. In lieu of Responsible Dog Ownership Month, here are tips to become one this month. 

Tag dogs

Dogs will need to be registered right away in the event that they are lost or stolen. I.Ding dogs, or chipping dogs, will help track them and find their way back to you.

Vet Care

Regular pet check-ups with a veterinarian will ensure animals remain healthy. Puppy and middle-aged dogs will need to see a pet doctor on a bi-annual basis to start. As the dog ages, vet visits will become more frequent. 


Dog obesity rates are sky-rocketing; and with the help from pet owners, pets can get in shape. Try strength exercises for dogs such as jumping, running, kneeling to keep dogs fit. (This is a great way to bond with your pet, too!)

Build Dog Fence

Dog fencing is a convenient method for training animals in the yard and for outdoor playtime. Fencing protects animals from predator wildlife and encounters with strangers. For homeowners, pet fencing should be a top consideration when bringing home a new pet.

Dental Care

You don't neglect brushing your teeth; so, don't do the same for Fido. Give them gummy mints or brush their teeth at home. 

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