Returning to Normal

Returning to Normal

We all know that 2020 was an extremely tough year. Living a normal life was out of the question. There were restrictions on seeing friends, family, and just people for that matter. People were working from home away from their normal work setting.

Nothing was normal and the seclusion could drive anyone mad.
But what many people do not think about is how COVID affected their pets. No one can argue that there were many dog purchases and adoptions happening in 2020.

Pandemic puppies became accustomed to being with their owners 24/7 and not having visitors. Now that businesses are opening back up and people are headed back into work, there is a huge personality shift in dogs.

A friend of mine has a dog who developed a separation anxiety if she ever leaves the house. The dog fears anyone who walks in the door and is weary of being outside. COVID has not made anything easy! Any dog owner can tell you that dogs do not particularly like change.

For many, there will be a lot of work to do in training their pet(s) on how to cope with being alone.