San Antonio's Pet Ban

San Antonio's Pet Ban

This just in: Dogs will no longer be allowed to be tethered with chains in the city of San Antonio.

The ban is among some key changes to local animal laws that were approved Thursday by the San Antonio City Council.

Other changes to the revised animal ordinance include:

  • Stricter spay-neuter requirements for dogs legally declared dangerous or repeatedly impounded for roaming by ACS 
  • Authorizing ACS officers to impound pets sold in illegal locations like roadsides or flea markets or those without a litter permit 
  • Increase the allowable number of chickens in city limits to eight (housing restrictions still apply)
  • No more than one rooster allowed per property within city limits

The enhanced laws are focused on public safety and humane care. 

'Laws are intended to promote and protect a community's quality of life,' ACS Director Heber Lefgren said. 'The improved ordinance does just that by considering the balance between animal care and control as well as pets and people.' 

While the revised ordinance goes into effect immediately, ACS will initiate a bilingual six-month outreach campaign to help the community learn more about the new laws.

Story re-posted from ABC Ksat 12. Written by David Ibanez. 


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