Spring Pet Tick Control

Spring Pet Tick Control

Today is the first day of Spring; and although it isn't quite sleeveless shirt weather, it is the perfect time of the year for us to begin spending more time outside with our pets. 

Both dogs and cats need outdoor playtime to breathe fresh air; socialize with other animals; and exercise; and where better to do so than in the backyard? The problem is that ticks live in the grasses and woods; and although we can't predict when ticks come into the yard, we can control how they get to our pets. 

For tick disease prevention, we suggest that dog owners build a dog fence and cat owners build a cat enclosure to keep wildlife that may be carrying ticks away from pets. Deer are the number one carriers of ticks in the United States; and since ticks have Lyme Disease and other illnesses, it only makes sense that we need to keep wild animals away from domestic animals. 

Additionally, pet owners should consider spraying tick sprays around landscapes to control the spread of ticks. Tick sprays should contain 'pet safe ingredients' to ensure that pets don't get sick from the application. 

Lastly, and most importantly, pet owners should know the signs of Lyme Disease in pets and how to remove ticks from pets