Starting TNR Programs

Starting TNR Programs

Cat owners hold a responsibility to their cats to provide them with love, care and shelter. Shelter is more than just providing a roof over their heads, though. It means protection against things, (people, wildlife, stray dogs, etc) that could harm them. But, what happens when we mix feral cats with domestic cats?

The United States' feral cat population is estimated at 60 million.

Feral cats were born in the wild and do not know what it's like to have a home. They may be fearful of people and defensive. Either way, feral cats may come spreading diseases that can reach our domestic babies. 

Feral cats are a sad story. As stated before, they were born homeless; and they do not know what it's like to have a family. Generally, ferals will not have the temperament to ever be suitable for homes (this isn't always the case); and the more they breed, the more cats enter into the world without shelter. 

This is why starting a trap-neuter-release program in neighborhoods can help reduce the homeless cat population - and it can all be started with the help from a few cat loving volunteers!

Cat enthusiasts will need a few things to get started:

  • Volunteers - more hands is always a huge help;
  • Medical assistance - partner with local animal hospitals;
  • A cat enclosure to help more cats - outdoor systems are great to use; after all, the outdoor life is all these cats know!
  • Toys
  • Healthy cat foods
  • Love, Care, Patience

As a cat owner, you hold a responsibility to protect and care for your own domestic cat breed. Spread the love with wild cats; and get involved in TNR today.