Sunnier Days with Your Pets

Sunnier Days with Your Pets


With the beginning of spring and daylight savings coming this month, we (and our pets) are starting to get an itch to spend time outside. Sunnier, longer days, mean heading to the park and playing fetch with your pups— or basking in the sun with your kitties. 

As the weather gets warmer, our pets get curious about venturing outside. It is important to let your pets explore, but also to keep them safe. Using a DIY fence kit from Easy Pet Fence can save you the stress of keeping a constant eye on your pet(s) while they are on their outdoor adventure. With a fence on duty, your mind will be at ease! 

The Welded Wire Fence Kits are great for dogs who are full of energy that want to run, play and chew everything. Kitty Corral Cat Fence are purrfect for “curious” cats who live for explorations.

If you’re looking to get away from home, consider planning some fun outdoor adventures with your fur babies. One unique exploration activity is geocaching! Download the free app and use its GPS to navigate to nearby treasure! They will give you directions and clues. That’s right, there are small containers hidden all around the U.S. filled with small goodies, like stickers or bouncy balls.

Take something from the geocache and leave something else behind. You can sign the log and mark all the geocaches you have found on the app. Pups make the perfect companions for this outdoor treasure hunt as there are usually a lot hidden in parks or on hiking trails.

If that isn’t your style, dog parks are opening everywhere! A great website to investigate is , this website offers pet friendly parks, hotels, restaurants, and events happening in your area.