Thanksgiving For Pets

Thanksgiving For Pets

Thanksgiving is around the corner; oh, we can almost taste that juicy turkey. Although we are grateful for the companionship of our pets, we shouldn't be quick to give them the 'people food' that we will enjoy for Thanksgiving dinner. Before you share your Thanksgiving feast with your dog or cat, be sure to see this list of no-no's for your pets.


Let's just say it: No, pets can't have any; unless the turkey is dry and does not contain much seasoning. Butter and herbs are not good for pets and ingesting too much could make animals very ill.


Ham or pork can lead to diarrhea or vomiting. It's best to not give pets meat; unless it's dry turkey.


Although stuffing may be a personal favorite for many, mushrooms and raisins are not healthy for animals. Even onions can be harmful to the pet's digestive system and should be avoided.

Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Sweets

Let's be honest, Pumpkin Pie, no matter the recipe, contains a lot of sugar. Sugar, or sugar substitutes, are harmful to pets and can make them very ill. With that being said, if you plan to bake chocolate sweets this year, don't give any to the dog to avoid messy clean-ups underneath the dinner table.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Again, no sugar allowed; and marshmallows are a big no-no for animals.

On the other hand, dogs are allowed to eat mashed potato, if do not contain a lot of salt or sugar. Dogs that are lactose intolerant should avoid mashed potatoes, as this can make the dog vomit, gassy or break out in a rash. Gravy on mashed potatoes? This is okay!

Green Bean Casserole

Dogs can enjoy eating green beans but not green bean casserole. Among other things, the cream in green bean casserole is far too rich for dogs.
Good news! Dogs can eat carrots. Raw carrots, especially, are a healthy snack for a dog including other vegetables such as zucchini and green beans. Think twice if you plan to glaze carrots with honey or jams.