The Top 5 Pet Products We Love

The Top 5 Pet Products We Love
The Top 5 Pet Products We LOVE


1.  Welded Wire Dog Fence Kits

  Welded Wire Dog Fence Kits

Have you considered pet fencing, but haven’t put in the effort to install it? Or maybe you think that all affordable fencing is not aesthetically pleasing. We assure you it can be simple and easy on the eye!

One of our favorite fencing products is the Welded Wire Dog Fence Kits from our very own, Easy Pet Fence. The welded wire option is a great alternative to more expensive fencing options. This PVC coated galvanized steel fence can withstand weather and chewing from your pet or other outside critters (guaranteed to last at least 20 years!). Blink and you might miss it, the welded wire look is virtually invisible from 20 feet away.

Choosing a kit from us is the easiest way to get all the basics in one order and put your pet fencing up without any hassle. We will work with you to pick the best height and length for your pet and yard.

2.  Dog & Cat Treat Dispensing Puzzle

Dog and Cat Treat Dispensing Puzzle

This one is pretty cool— it’s inexpensive and makes treat time more fun and rewarding for your pet! Besides being fun, The OurPets Sushi Treat Dispensing Puzzle from Chewy is a must-have gadget to improve your pet’s cognitive ability (it’s a win-win).

The idea is to challenge your dog or cat to solve the puzzle by finding which compartment has a treat inside. This is a win-win because it can make your pet smarter and teach them that they will be rewarded when completing a task. It is also an incentive for pets who don’t eat enough or can slow down the fastest eaters.

3.  The Best Airline Approve

The Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Whether you are a big traveler or just like to take your furry friend(s) with you everywhere you go, we think this Out-of-Office Pet Carrier from Roverlund is awesome. The style itself may draw you in, but the practicality of this carrier will make you stay.

Not only does this bag act as a durable pet carrier (airline-approved), but it also transforms into a car seat and a mobile dog or cat bed. Make your adventure buddy as comfortable as possible with this product.

What will your next adventure be?

 4. Favorite  Cat ToyDog Toy

Favorite Cat Toy and Dog Toy

There are SO many pet toys out there, and it can be hard to discover the best ones. Our current favorite cat toy is the Ontel Flippity Fish found on Amazon. The toy looks realistic and flops like a real fish when the motion sensor detects movement. This toy is a fun way to get in exercise and reduce scratching. There is a refillable pouch to pack with Catnip too. Check out this one or give it a Google— there many similar life-like fish toys out there, you could say this toy is the catch of the day!

Our favorite dog toy right now is an oldie but a goodie, the Kong Classic made by Kong. You can also find this one on Amazon! This toy is super durable for even the most aggressive chewers and has a bit of a bounce to get in some play and chew time. There is also a hollow center to stuff treats in the toy, we love to fill it with peanut butter. Your dog(s) will go crazy!

5.  BarkBox Subscription

Who doesn’t love getting mail? Well, fun mail that is, definitely not bills. The last pet product we love is not only great for your pet, but you too! The BarkBox monthly subscription brings $40+ worth of new toys and treats every month. When you sign up, you will give information about your pet so that the professionals can tailor the box to you!

Free shipping makes this an easy and affordable way to treat your pet each month, and there are so many fun box themes to pick from. Check out all the options here!

Thanks for making it this far… now we have a bonus treat for you! Spoil your dog and show him/her how much you love them this month— Check out this recipe for the easiest DIY Valentine’s Day Pup Treat.