Uses of a Cat Fence

Uses of a Cat Fence

Cats needs exercise and socialization just as much as dogs; and that is why cats benefit from a cat fence in the backyard. However, there are other reasons why pet owners should consider an outdoor catio for their pets. 

Can Be Used For Dogs

Outdoor cat enclosures are great for dogs, too! Not only can dogs play with other animals from within the enclosure, but they don't have to worry about encounters with stray cats that may try to taunt the dog. 

Keeps Out Wildlife

More often than not, there are news stories that show coyotes and wolves coming into yards and harming pets. An outdoor cat enclosure will stop a coyote or wolf from coming in-contact with animals, thanks to the top of the enclosure. 

In addition, the fencing for cats also keeps out white-tailed deer that may be carrying tick-borne illnesses that can transfer to pets. The use of a fence can reduce the risk of Lyme Disease by 97 percent. 

Keeps Out Birds

Speaking of wild animals, the enclosed top also keeps out birds that may try to swoop down and harm the dog or cat. 

Outdoor pet enclosures improve animal wellness for both dogs and cats. Owners will see a change in pet behavior to reveal a healthier, happier pet.