Valentine's Day Tips For Pets

Valentine's Day Tips For Pets

Valentine's Day is all about love; and of course, we love our pets! As pet owners, we want to shower our domestic animals with love and affection all the time and provide them with the best possible care. On Valentine's Day, we may want to give our pets something extra to show just how much we love them; but some common Valentine's Day gifts and foods may be toxic to pets. Here are a few pet tips to get you through Valentine's Day without having to worry about your four-legged friends:

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Never, ever give chocolates to pets. Unfortunately, both dogs and cats can get violently ill from ingesting candies with high amounts of sugar and cause vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, seizures and even death in pets. It's best to keep that box of chocolate to yourself. However, there are dog bakeries that may be offering special Valentine's Day treats for pets. Check your local listings. 

Valentine's Day Candies

Candies with nuts, coffee beans and raisins are especially unsafe for dogs and can cause kidney failure. Consult a vet immediately if chocolates or these types of candies are ingested. 

Valentine's Day Flowers

Cats may jump on tables to smell the flowers. Keep them away from them! Bouquets full of lilies, can be deadly to cats, causing kidney failure, if ingested - although they are relatively safe for dogs. Move flower bouquets away from edges so your dog's tail does not knock it off. 

Valentine's Day Decorations

Who doesn't love decorating for the holidays? Just be wise where you place house decorations and make sure they are away from pets. Balloons can be easily popped from cat claws. Also, bows and ribbons may be fun 'toys' for a cat, but they can also become choking hazards. Keep teddy bears with small parts away from domestic pets, too. wishes you and your furry friends a Safe and Happy Valentines Day!