Visiting Antietam Humane Society

Visiting Antietam Humane Society

It’s a new year and the Easy Pet Fence family is making it OUR mission to get involved in our community. Our compassion for animals has inspired us to support local animal shelters with the materials they need for fencing projects. Being that our Easy Pet Fence headquarters is in Waynesboro, PA our first stop on the list was the Antietam Humane Society.

During our visit, we met with the director Kacie, who gave us a tour, told us more about what they do, and let us play with the animals (the best part)! As much as we wanted to take home a new pet, we did not. 

One thing we learned while visiting was that Antietam is now officially a no-kill shelter- THIS IS HUGE NEWS! With that in mind, there are plans for expansions! One expansion is a new barn cat enclosure area. This is where Easy Pet Fence can come into play. We want to provide the Antietam Humane Society with the fencing materials they need for this project. This will also be the perfect time to freshen up our fence installation skills.

There are many ways you can help too! VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER. It’s an effortless process too! Even ten minutes of companionship and play can have an enormous impact on an animal's life. We would have stayed all day to play with the animals if we could have! Antietam accepts monetary donations and other pet-related items. The shelter expressed that they are always in need of bleach, cat food, and cat litter. Consider calling your animal shelter before you stop by and see what they need!

We are incredibly excited to work with the Antietam Humane Society. As soon as the weather warms up, we will begin the barn cat enclosure project. Stay tuned for footage of the installation and be sure to follow us on social media to check out the Pet of the Week in our upcoming series!

Thank you, Antietam Humane Society!