What Are Catios?

What Are Catios?

Cat owners often confuse cat fencing for catios; but there are unique differences.

Both are large structures that are functional for multiple cats unlike cat windows/mounts. The cat system installed by pet owners will depend on many factors: cost and size of yard being two of them. 

Catios vs. Cat Fence

Catios are large structures, usually constructed from wooden frames and include galvanized steel to keep cats in. These units are ideal for townhouse owners or those who own smaller houses with limited yard space. Catios are four-sided (boxed shaped) and include a roof to block cats from jumping out and shut out wildlife. Catios include removable back panels to attach to windows, decks, patios and gardens. Catios are neat that they have levels, similar to cat towers, for cat entertainment and exercise. The problem with catios are that they provide limited roaming space for cats.

Cat fencing, on the other hand, is ideal for homeowners with one or multiple cats. Unlike a catio that is made from wooden frames, cat fencing is black in color to blend in with surroundings and is made from plastic and welded wire fence mesh and vinyl coated posts. Cat fencing allows cats to freely move around landscapes and get the 30 minutes of daily activity they need to stay fit. Cat fencing comes in different sizes and can outline an entire yard or a small section of the lawn.