Who Carries Ticks?

Who Carries Ticks?

Face it, every warm-blooded mammal has the potential for a tick bite; but some animals are at higher risk of getting infested with ticks than others. Here are the top animals that are most likely to get bit by ticks in spring:

Domestic animals, including dogs, are at a high risk of tick bites and infection in spring and summer when tick activity is at its highest. Livestock, like horses and cattle, are also at risk of tick bites more so than goats, sheep and chickens. 

As far as wild animals, the white-footed mouse is known to carry the Lyme bacterium and it is suggested that this animal spread ticks with Lyme to birds and white-tailed deer. Chipmunks, squirrels, opposums, mice and raccoons are also tick-carrying animals. 

Ticks can make all animals very sick and even cause fatalities. For dogs, tick infections can lead to weak muscle movements, lethargy, high blood pressure and pain for years.  

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