Adopt Rescued Rabbits!

House Rabbit Society and ASPCA both declare that July is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month! There are over 1500 U.S. households with pet bunnies; and it's no wonder why: they are good with other animals and are gentle around small kids. Here are top reasons to adopt a rescue rabbit from local animal shelters today:

  • Rabbits are great for apartment owners and townhouse owners. They are small pets that don't need a lot of space to roam. They can hop around a 900 sq/ft apartment space or in a small yard with fencing, of course. 
  • Rabbits are eco-friendly. They don't require expensive toys to chew on. Simply give them a roll of toilet paper, cardboard or other recyclable item for playtime. 
  • Expensive vet bills can be a thing of the past. Adopting from rabbit shelters means that these organizations have partnerships with local vet offices that can save you money on medical issues.
  • Longevity and memories. Rabbits can live up to 12 years; and they will offer non-stop memories along the way for single folks or families with small children. 
  • Rabbits reduce stress and build bonds: Like cats, rabbits can take care of themselves and do not require frequent trips outside for potty breaks. They can be enjoyed inside or outside and are fun for the whole family!

Consider adopting a pet rabbit from a local rabbit rescue today during Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!

Need fencing? Consider hexagonal fence with PVC that is at least 2-3' high; and trench the fence into the ground at least 6-12" to prevent burrowing attempts.

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