Steel Hex Dog Fence Rolls

Our best selling metal fence for when you need to fence in dogs!

Everyone loves a smart, energetic, happy puppy—they can be a real blast. Unfortunately, smart, energetic, happy puppies really love to chew, and then they grow up into smart, energetic, happy dogs that can really cause some damage during playtime. These pets require an extremely strong and durable fencing material that can stand up to collisions and gnawing, like our steel hex dog fencing, made of 20-gauge galvanized steel that your dog can’t chew apart. The steel web is PVC-coated to protect it from rusting or corroding from sun and rain exposure, extending the life of the fence to 20 to 30 years. Despite being such a long-lasting and chew-proof product, it is nowhere near the cost of a traditional fence—it’s also nowhere near the hassle. On top of being incredibly affordable, our steel hex fencing is extremely lightweight, attaches to posts with simple self-locking ties, and can be installed by you and a friend in as little as a single day. An added benefit? This fencing, owing to its 1-inch mesh and jet black color, blends in seamlessly with the landscape from as close as 20 feet.

Mesh fencing for dogs is ideal for both small and large breeds, especially those that chew or dig. For less active dogs that don’t chew, you can also opt to install our poly dog fencing. If you are unsure if steel is right for you and your pet, take a look at our Breed Recommendations for more information.


Steel Hex Dog Fence Rolls

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