Buying Poly Dog Fence

Plastic dog fencing is a good option as an alternative to invisible dog fence. While invisible dog fencing is well, invisible, plastic dog fencing is virtually invisible due to the black color and dimensions of the fence mesh. For pet owners looking for a humane fence for dogs, plastic dog fencing may be a good fit. 

The word "plastic" has a negative connotation as being cheap, flimsy or unreliable; however, pet owners that have used the fence material know better. They know that the strongest plastic dog fence has a certified breaking strength of 1400 pounds and and will last 20+ years.

The only downside to plastic dog fencing is that it is not chew-resistant and may come down easily if large dogs jump on the fence mesh or chew on it. This type of fence is better suited for small or calm dogs that just want to be outside and play with other companion animals. 

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