Poly Dog Fence Kits

Most pet owners do not know that their pets need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. As your puppy grows into adulthood, consider installing an outdoor pet enclosure for their entertainment. If you have never built a backyard fence, or are new to pet ownership with small dogs, we recommend starting out with a poly dog fence kit. These are easy to install DIY fence kits for the homeowner to install without the help from a professional installer. This type of fence is recommended for small, calm dogs that don’t show interest in chewing or digging. Dog enclosure kits are available in heights of 4" or 5" tall. These durable plastic dog fence kits are virtually invisible, have a certified breaking load of 750 lbs and will last 15-20 years in the field. 

If strength is a concern, search our metal dog enclosures that are ideal for dogs that like to chew or dig. Our metal fence for sale are available in a steel hex or welded wire construction. 

Read the poly dog fence product review in Maine DOG Magazine; and view our full collection of dog fence kits and rolls.

Poly Dog Fence Kits

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