Considering Pet Fencing?

Like us, both dogs and cats need an open area to run and play. They need fresh air and socialization; but it's all about safety first when we think about them being alone in the great outdoors. For those considering yard fencing, there are questions to ask yourself. Here are the top questions that will determine the type of fence to purchase:

1. What type of dog do I have? Is he/she small or large?

2. How is my dog's temperament? Is he/she calm or rambunctious?

3. Does my dog chew or dig?

4. Do I own other pets?

Pet owners that have a St. Bernard or a mastiff may choose to install chain-link fence; but if an owner has a dachshund or a yorkie, then the person may want to install Poly Dog Fence instead. Chain-link is great for the largest dog breeds; but it can be overkill for small or medium sized dogs. 

If the dog is small, or calm, then poly dog fencing can be appropriate for yards; however, for medium sized dogs that chew or dig, consider a metal fence made from hexagonal steel or welded wire

Owning cats and dogs may make an owner consider buying a cat fence for both types of companion animals to play. Cat fencing can be used to secure both types of animals in the yard while preventing both dogs and cats from jumping out, thanks to overhang extenders at the top.

These are the top questions to answer when considering to buy pet fencing.

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