"My dog would push right under the fence when she saw other dogs outside. Now she can't push it up!" Rick B. 

"Strong and easy to install. Perfect for securing dog pens and fences." Alfano A. 

To secure the bottom of your dog fence, we suggest purchasing our fence stakes to keep your dog securely inside the dog enclosure and external wildlife from venturing onto properties. Choosing the right type of ground stake depends upon the type of soil that you have in your yard.

For average soil, you will need our kinked ground stakes. If you are an avid camper, you may recognize this style, as it's commonly used to hold down camping tents. For rocky, or unusually hard terrain, you will need our heavy duty "J" hook rebar ground stakes. Both types of ground stakes are made from a galvanized steel construction to prevent damage from the rain, snow, heat, or sun. 

We recommend driving one of our ground stakes in at least every five feet to make it really difficult for your dog to get up to one of his tunneling tricks.