Poly Dog Fence Rolls

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As puppies grow into adulthood, they need an outdoor play area for training purposes, exercise and socialization with their owner and other domestic dogs. This is why a polypropylene fence for new dog owners of small and calm dogs. Poly dog fence rolls create a basic outdoor puppy enclosure made from a tough plastic fence material that is UV-stabilized for protection against all-weather elements. We strongly recommend choosing these fences for small dogs. For more active dogs with high amounts of energy, consider our metal fence for sale: steel hex web dog fence or welded wire fence rolls for pet play areas. offers three strength grades of poly dog fencing: Heavy Duty, Extra Strength, and Maximum Strength. Our C-Flex fence is the strongest fence for dogs available with the highest strength. The HD Maximum Strength C-Flex fence from TENAX has a certified breaking load of 950 pounds and a life expectancy of 20 years; and thanks to the 1.75-inch by 1.97-inch black plastic mesh fencing design, the dog fence appears virtually invisible from 20 feet away.

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Poly Dog Fence Rolls

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