Maximum Strength Poly Dog Fence rolls promise reliable protection and safety for your pets. Our Maximum Strength rolls are made of tough, UV protected polypropylene material that will look great in your yard and last for 20 or more years. The black rounded construction of the material gives the effect of virtual invisibility from about 20 feet away, so the fence will not be an eyesore for you or your neighbors. Even better, this fence roll is lightweight and easy to install, making the installation quick and painless.

The Maximum Strength Poly Dog Fences are perfect for large, moderately active dogs that will not chew, dig, or put a lot of pressure on the fence during their play time. For more energetic dogs, consider the Steel Hex Fence.

Max Strength Extruded is simple enough for anyone to install without the help of a professional.  This fence is 150 grams per square meter, making it an incredibly lightweight alternative to more costly and complicated fence systems. Installation with our no-dig ground sleeve post system and UV treated heavy duty ties is simple enough for anyone. Once installed, this fence will require little to no maintenance.

The UV-resistant polypropylene material is durable, and will remain tough even after years of harsh weather.  Wind may easily pass through the fence around the strands, preventing long-term damage from weather exposure. The tensile strands of the extruded fencing give the appearance of virtual invisibility from as close as 20 feet.

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5' x 100' Max Strength Pet Fence Roll


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