DIY: Build an Easy Pet Fence

Develop a new hobby or bring out your craftmanship to test with our do-it-yourself pet fence. Our pet fences are easy to set up without the help of professional installers. Start your project today and refer to the instructions below for our dog, cat, or backyard chicken DIY fence installations. 

Why DIY Fence Installation?

Building your own pet fence is simple with Easy Pet Fence. We are committed to empowering you to take control of your fencing needs. We provide you with high-quality resources and expert guidance to achieve your preferred style at your own pace. Our dedication to helping pet owners extends beyond offering premium materials. We personalize quotes and offer price matching. 

At Easy Pet Fence, installing your own pet fence offers a special sense of accomplishment you wouldn't get from pre-designed structures. Apart from the satisfaction, working on our DIY fences is a great way to bring out your creativity and let you build a fence that is exactly what you need it to be. 

How to Install a Fence for Dogs

Before beginning the installation, make sure to check the materials one by one. Contact us if anything is missing so we can assist you immediately. Once you've confirmed you have all the materials, follow these steps to install our no-dig dog fence:

  1. Laying out the design: Start with the ground preparation. Start with laying out your fence design. Determine the location and spacing of the posts and measure twice. 
  2. Erecting the fence posts: Once the foundation is set, it's time to drive the ground sleeves into the ground. Use a sledgehammer and provided drive cap to install the fence posts easily and securely.
  3. Attaching the fencing material: After setting up the fence posts, fill each post with the dome caps and attach the mesh to the completed post. Begin with the outside section of the fence line for easy configuration. Repeat the process until all sections are done. 
  4. Finalizing the fence structure: To use our anti-dig barrier, unroll the material and install it to overlap the existing fence. Upon completion of the fence line, use a ground stake to tack down the bottom section of the fence. 

Dog Fence Installation Overview Videos

Take a look at these videos to help you with the installation:

How to Install a Fence for Cats

To install the Outdoor Cat Fence Kit, you can follow these summarized steps:

  1. Prepare the area for your cat fence: Just like the initial step for dog fence installation, you need to lay out the fence design. Find the best location and place the posts where there are corners or ends.
  2. Drive the fence posts: Using the drive cap and a sledgehammer, pound the ground sleeves into the ground. 
  3. Install fence posts: Connect each fence post to an overhang cat fence extender with a self-tapping screw. Slide the posts into the ground sleeves and secure them with self-tapping screws.
  4. Put up the plastic fencing: After setting up the posts, you can now attach the plastic fencing to the extender using a self-locking zip tie. Before you cut the plastic fencing, make sure the fence is even. Extend the fencing on the corners and cut excess fencing after. Please download the complete installation manual for more details.

Cat Fence Full Enclosure Installation Overview Videos

Take a look at these videos to help you with the installation:

Cat Fence Extension Installation

If you already have a fence, you can extend the coverage or upgrade the structure. Convert your fence into a more secure enclosure with our cat fence extender. Watch this cat fence extension installation for reference.

How to Install a Fence for Chickens / Poultry

Aside from dogs and cats, we also offer enclosures for chickens. Our chicken fence kits are highly recommended for backyard chicken runs. We also offer chicken fence rolls individually for chicken run repairs and additions. Installing our steel hex chicken fence kit is similar to installing our dog or cat fence kit. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we'll be ready to assist you. 

Prepare for Your DIY Pet Fence Project

With Easy Pet Fence, you can install a pet fence by yourself, saving you money on professional fees. If you're ready to install your own fence, here are some relevant tips to help you throughout the process:

  • Choose quality materials: The quality of fencing material plays a crucial part in the success of your installation. Easy Pet Fence products are designed using high-quality materials for easy installation and superior durability. 
  • Plan your pet fence layout: Our DIY pet fences allow you to customize projects according to your backyard dimensions, pet needs, and personal preferences.
  • Set a schedule: One of the ways to ensure your DIY project is a success is to set a schedule. This can keep you from trying to do too much at once and keep you on track. Rushing to finish your fence project can lead to mistakes, costing you time and money.
  • Gather the materials and tools ahead: Enjoy a seamless installation process by preparing everything you need. Check all supplies and make sure to keep them within your reach. Above all, prioritize your safety.

Start Your DIY Pet Fence Project With Easy Pet Fence

Explore our DIY fence kits for cats, dogs, and chickens. Easy Pet Fence offers a wide variety of high-quality, escape-resistant, and long-lasting DIY fences for pet owners like you. If you have any questions about the product or installation, our customer service support is available to help you.