Types of Dog Fencing

Poly Dog Fence Rolls

I think it's safe to say that puppies melt our hearts! Watching them learn and grow in a safe home environment is the best feeling for a dog owner. New pet owners may be unaware of the benefits of owning an outdoor dog enclosure. If you own a small, low-energy pup, then you need to install a poly dog fence on your property. As dogs grow, they need at least 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. Dog fencing allows dogs to interact with pet owners, socialize with other pets and get fresh air.

Poly dog fencing from EasyPetFence.com achieves these goals by creating a safe, enclosed outdoor play area for small, calm dogs. Poly dog fences are virtually invisible from 20 feet away, thanks to the unique fence mesh design; and last between 10-15 years in the field. These black fences are UV-stabilized to protect the polypropylene material from wear-and-tear. Best yet, they are lightweight and easy to install without the help from professional installers.

Steel Hex Dog Fence Rolls

We love large, energetic dogs; but they need to burn off their pint-up energy...outside! For this reason, dog owners should consider a steel hex web dog fence from EasyPetFence.com.

The average dog requires a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. If you own a high-energy dog that likes to chew, dig, jump and play, then you need this type of metal dog fence.

The steel web is PVC-coated to protect it from rusting or corroding from sun and rain exposure, extending the life of the fence to 20 to 30 years. Despite being such a long-lasting and chew-proof fence, it is nowhere near the cost of a traditional fence—it’s also nowhere near the hassle. On top of being incredibly affordable, our steel hex fencing is extremely lightweight, attaches to posts with simple self-locking ties, and can be installed by you and a friend in as little as a single day. An added benefit? This metal dog fencing, owing to its 1-inch mesh and jet-black color, blends in seamlessly with the landscape from as close as 20 feet - creating a virtually invisible dog fence.

Not only are these dog fences great for dog health, but they allow pet owners to interact with their pets outside, creating an everlasting bonding experience. And for chicken owners, hear this: you can use steel hex web chicken fencing to secure your backyard flock!

Welded Wire Dog Fence Rolls

There are a multitude of benefits for installing a welded wire dog fence. For starters, welded wire dog fencing is especially effective at keeping out wildlife and small critters who may wish to harm the pet, thanks to the tight fence mesh. This 14 gauge PVC-coated metal dog fence is the strongest fence type available on today's market for large, high energy dogs. This metal outdoor dog fence features a sleek black mesh design that blends-in with the surrounding landscape, becoming a virtually invisible fence from about 20 feet away. Oh, and did we mention that welded wire fences may meet pool code?