• Protection from predators on all sides including the top
  • Easy to assemble using canopy fittings
  • Removable for storage during the off season
  • Metal hex fencing protects against chewing damage

The EasyPetFence Chicken Enclosures are the perfect solution to the protect your chickens. Create the most secure outdoor area for your backyard friends.

This enclosure kits come with all the required parts you'll need to safeguard your chickens. Ideal for fully enclosing them for maximum protection.

This option features the PVC coated steel hex fencing. The lightest of our steel options features excellent flexibility and will disappear best into your landscape allowing for the best views of your garden areas. The hex pattern absorbs and disperses impacts, making it an excellent choice in areas with more aggressive animal populations. Expected life span of this material is 15 years. 20-gauge metal will protect against chewing animals and the small 1” mesh size will be effective at keeping out smaller animals.

The included gate will allow access to your enclosure but is specially designed to have tight hardware clearances so your animals cannot escape through the gaps of the bars.

If you only need temporary enclosure area, this enclosure can be removed from the sleeves and taken down for storage. Leaving the sleeves in the ground allows for reassembly. You can remove the sleeves to move the enclosure to another area.

Multiple kits can be connected to make larger sizes and different configurations.

Why our fence materials make this enclosure better:

Canopy fittings with thumbscrews are used at all junctions to make installation easy.

All posts in this enclosure are heavily galvanized steel with a durable black powder coating on the outside. These posts are designed to outlast the fencing providing years of reliable support.

Our system features black powder coated ground sleeves with a welded tip for extra strength and durability to help the sleeve drive into even tough soil conditions without issue. A hole for drainage keeps water from accumulating in the sleeve.

120 lb zip ties are UV stabilized and are thicker and stronger than most ties readily available in local stores.



7.5' H Steel Hex Chicken Fence Enclosure w/Top and Gate

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