Humane Pet Fencing

Humane Pet Fencing


At Easy Pet Fence, we are animal people! Behind the scenes we have pets that are family, pets that come into our office and adoptable pets that we visit at our local shelter. Our love of pets makes animal safety a top priority for our products. We pride ourselves in being a humane alternative to many other pet fence options. Animal Rights Awareness Week is coming up June 6-12, 2022. There are many issues to fight for when it comes to the treatment of animals, and we hope to scratch the surface with our alternatives for pets.  

Electric dog fence is a popular choice to keep pups in the yard. However, PETA says that these fences are “painful, dangerous and bewildering” for dogs. Not only do dogs experience physical pain from the shock, but it also tends to make them feel more anxious and aggressive. Although many argue that the pain triggered by the electric shock is not strong enough to hurt a dog, pain and fear thresholds are different for each animal. There is still much debate about using this type of fence, so why not avoid the possible dangers and opt for a fencing option that is definitely safe for your pet?  

Our fencing comes in metal and plastic options, which do not rust or corrode like chain link fences. You may be considering electric fence because it is not an eye sore in your yard, but our fence is nearly invisible at 20’+ away and achieves the aesthetic most customers want!  

For small or calmer dogs that won't jump on the fence, we recommend our durable plastic dog fencing. For larger, chewing dogs, it's best to go with a metal dog fence. Cat owners will be pleased to learn that there is a cat fence on the market for their kitties! Our Kitty Corral Cat Fence includes a top to safeguard the cat from birds and other wildlife.  

Animal rights is an important advocacy issue, and we are trying to do our part to keep our products humane, affordable and durable.