Best Fence For Chickens

Best Fence For Chickens

Backyard chicken owners know that poultry enjoy taking long walks around farms and pastures for exercise and socialization. Wandering chickens that have freedom to roam are much happier than caged chickens and help to produce the best tasting eggs for us - cake!

Chicken owners with free-ranging chickens may be looking at different fence types to secure their flock. Here is the best chicken fence type available on the market:

Best fence type for chickens

The most recommended fence on the market for free-roaming chickens is made from a hexagon steel. Many chicken owners are familiar with this type of metal fence; however, they may not know that there are hexagon fences that include PVC. Having a Steel Hex Fence with PVC is important for several reasons. For one, the PVC is UV-stabilized and will help protect the fence from corrosion and other harmful weather elements. The PVC also protects the steel core against chew marks from external wildlife predators that may try to harm the flock such as wolves, coyotes and foxes. 

Fence tip: While modern chickens do not fly far; they actually can fly for a few seconds; so, make sure the fence is tall enough to handle short distance flights.

There are many benefits to owning free-roaming chickens that exceed beyond egg production. Did you know that chickens eat ticks keeping families and pets safe from the threat of tick diseases? Thanks, team!

When looking at fence for livestock security, look into Steel Hex Web Fencing.