Best Poultry Fence Height

Best Poultry Fence Height

Raising backyard chickens is trending in 2020 as homeowners are looking for ways to become sustainable and avoid the crowds at grocery stores.

Backyard chickens make wonderful pets and help to produce the best-tasting foods and even keep away deer ticks in the yard! For those thinking of raising poultry at home, consider yard fencing for the pet chickens. 

The best type of fence for backyard chickens will be made of metal construction. There are electric poultry netting and fences on the market; but that is not humane. Protecting flock can be done in a more humane manner with a metal fence that contains small mesh holes - such as a hexagonal fence. Having one with PVC coating will offer additional security against harsh weather elements and predatory animals like coyotes. 

Surprisingly, chickens can only fly short distances due to their size; and they can easily cross over a 4 foot high fence, if motivated. It's best to install poultry fencing that is at least 6 feet high to block short flights.

Raising pet chickens is a great way to become sustainable at home while learning a new skill. Consider owning backyard chickens if space allows at home.