Coyote Attacks On Dogs

Coyote Attacks On Dogs

The good news: It's nearing the end of coyote breeding season. The bad news: There are more on the way; and they are coming for pets. 

Coyotes tend to prey on pets during the daylight hours and move soon after. Although they will attack humans if spooked, they would prefer the meat from domestic dogs; stray cats; and backyard chickens. 

Coyote dog attacks are common and are rising in numbers. The Urban Coyote Research Project estimated that 30 dog breeds have been attacked by coyotes in the Chicago Metro Area alone and mainly include small dog breeds like chihuahuas, Jack Russel Terriers, and Yorkshire Terriers. 

Pet owners need to take the necessary precautions to protect pets from coyote attacks. The most reliable means for coyote management is to build a 6' feet high steel fence to protect dogs from encounters with coyotes and other wildlife. The fence can have coyote rollers installed at the top for further reinforcement. Dogs can wear spiked vests, as well. 

Coyote Management is a must this season to protect dogs, cats and poultry.