Do chickens make good pets?

Do chickens make good pets?

Often times, we consider a dog or cat as a great companion, but what about a chicken? A chicken is not typically thought of as a pet, however, there are many reasons why chickens could be a great addition to your family.
Just like a dog or cat, chickens have their own unique personalities to fall in love with. They are intelligent and can recognize who you are. Chickens are inexpensive and low maintenance! They graze all day and are constantly working as a pest control—eating all the bugs you don’t want to deal with.
If you have a garden or flowers you are hoping to keep fertilized, chickens provide an all-natural fertilizer and guess what? It’s free! They may even do some de-weeding while they’re at it.

Be aware: chickens LOVE leftovers. What do you do with your leftovers? Do you throw them away or keep them? Before you throw away the leftovers, consider sharing them with the chickens. If you have uncooked eggs, onions, garlic, or anything that is too rotted, sweet, salty, OR moldy, please do not share! This could upset their bellies.

And hey, if you give them food, they’ll return the favor and lay eggs for you. Knowing where your food comes from can give you peace of mind. Chickens can be just as affectionate as dogs or cats, they are great listeners and can offer a lot to your family.

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