Fence For Big Dogs

Fence For Big Dogs

There are many types of fence for dogs; and more often than not, pet owners are confused as to which fence type to build in the yard. Here is the best fence for large dogs and why other types may not be suitable. 

To start, let's take a look at plastic fence. This fence is strong, durable and will last 15-20 years. While it comes in different strength grades, poly dog fence is not suitable for big dogs, especially those with high energy levels. The reason is that big dogs, such as labs, huskies and German Shepherds for example, will most likely pounce on the fence or dig near the fence and will snap the material. Plastic dog fencing is meant for smaller dogs or low energy dogs that just need an open space to run around and explore new terrain. 

Then, there are fences such as chain-link that are most commonly used for fencing in dogs. Chain-link fences are strong for big dogs; however, they can be a real pain to install. Chain-link fence will require hiring a professional fence installer which will add to the cost of the fence system. They aren't exactly beautiful fences, either and cheapen the appearance of landscapes. 

A metal fence with PVC coating, such as welded wire, is a happy compromise for pet owners that are looking for a strong fence that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Weld Wire Fences are protected by PVC to block chew marks and will help keep the steel core strong from biting and jumping on the fence. 

While there are many fence types on the market for large dogs, choose a metal fence with PVC such as welded wire fencing.