How To Raise Chickens

How To Raise Chickens

Yes, chickens can be pets; and for chicken owners, they are quite proud of their flock. For those interested, here is how to raise backyard chickens.

First, check your municipalities codes about raising backyard chickens and see what laws are for/against raising flock. After you get the green light from your city, you can begin the fun stuff, like caring and feeding your poultry.

Chicken diet consists of small bugs, insects and snails. Chickens also need plenty of water especially if they are laying chickens. These type of chickens that go without water for over 12 hours may risk production complications. 

'Chickens need a quality balanced diet that's 16 to 18 percent protein and made specifically for their needs,' says Phillip J. Clauer, a Penn State poultry expert, who notes that there are special diets for young chicks, growing birds, and layers. 

Like any other pet, chickens need exercise; and installing a chicken wire fence in the backyard is both safe and convenient. Free-range chickens not only product better tasting eggs but they are healthier than caged chickens. They are more sociable when they are free to roam. 

Lastly, chickens need human interaction. Feel free to hug your chickens and take them for walks (like Actress Jennifer Garner).