Use Humane Pet Fences

Use Humane Pet Fences

There are many types of pet fence on the market; and some are better than others. Of course, the type of fence to use for pets depends upon budget, needs and longevity of use. 

Wooden fences, or privacy fences, are great for homeowners that want a fence for security. However, a wood fence is not ideal for a dog fence. Wood fences splinter off and can hurt the dog.

Chain Link Fences are a common fence for dogs because of their affordability. If aesthetics is not a concern, then a chain fence may work. However, for chewing dogs, chain-link fences may hurt dog teeth. Chain fences also corrode over time making the fence and property look outdated. 

Barbed Wire Fence have jagged ridges on the sides to discourage intruders; however, dogs will get hurt. Barbed Fences are the least humane pet fence and should not be considered for dog protection.

When looking at fences, consider a plastic dog fence. Poly dog fence is ideal for small, calm dogs that won't chew on the fence. The plastic will protect their bodies, if they do bounce on the fence. 

Metal dog fences with PVC-coating are best for large dogs with high energy. Unlike chain link fences that suffer from sun damage, the PVC-coating will protect the fence from weather wear-and-tear. The PVC-coating also protects the fence from dogs chewing on the fence. Welded Wire Fences for dogs are nice looking fences in the backyard and can enhance the look of the house!

When choosing a fence for dogs, consider factors such as dog safety and fence protection. 'Is the fence I am buying a humane dog fence?'