5 Tips To Save Money When Buying a Pet Fence

5 Tips To Save Money When Buying a Pet Fence

Your pets love being outdoors as much as you do. Giving them ample playtime in the sun is also essential for their healthy growth and development. But once outside, your little explorer is extremely curious to discover the world around them. Keeping them confined within the boundaries of the house becomes an extremely difficult task.

Fencing, however, offers an easy way to keep your furry friend protected. It gives them their much-deserved freedom to play and relax while keeping them safe. It acts as a great aid and helps to minimize their chances of roaming around in the neighborhood or running away.

But installing a pet fence requires a lot of planning and budgeting. If not done right, it could turn out to be a costly affair and could cost you thousands of extra dollars. In fact, most pet owners spend somewhere between $3,000 and $8,000 to construct or install a pet fence.

If that’s not your budget and you are keen on saving some money on a pet fence, here’s all you need to do. As one of the leading fence companies in the US, we have been helping our customers find the most cost-effective fence solutions for their residential and commercial properties for the past 20 years. We can help you make budget-friendly choices too.

So, here are some insider secrets that you can use to minimize the cost of fence installation in your garden and backyard:

1. Choose the Right Material for Your Situation

Pet fences are made using a lot of different materials. From wood to vinyl and from aluminum to wrought iron, the options are many. All these materials are available at different price points, too. So, when constructing a pet fence, always choose a material that suits your needs, fits your budget.

For example, while wrought iron has always been a premium fencing material, it can drastically increase your fencing cost. So, if you are on a bootstrapped budget, opt for poly fencing instead. Made with UV-stabilized plastic, the poly fence rolls are exceptionally durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant. They prove to be an extremely budget-friendly fencing option too.

At Easy Pet Fence, you can choose from a range of cat and dog fence materials and create a fool-proof visual boundary for your furry friend. We can help you create a place where he can play and relax all day long, without the fear of getting lost in the outside world.

2. Always Keep Your Pet in Mind

Remember, your pet should always be the hero of the story, not your money. After all, what good is a pet fence if your pet is not safe within it? So, always choose a fencing material with your pet's safety in mind.

For example, poly fencing is a great choice for poodles and dogs with a calmer demeanor. However, it might lack the strength to contain dogs that are big and active. For such dogs, you would have to consider our affordable metal dog fencing options like steel hex or welded wire that ensure extra strength, stability, and protection.

So, always choose the fencing material according to your dog’s strength and build.

3. Save on Material Usage

Budget construction projects require exact planning and precise resource utilization. This holds true for pet fences, too. When making a pet fence, you can easily bring down the cost by accurately designing the fence and using the fencing material optimally.

For example, while creating a fence for your dog, you might need a tall fence near your neighbor’s backyard. Then why construct a high fence throughout and increase your material cost? By keeping the rest of your pet fence reasonably high, you can easily save a lot on the material and other fence parts.

4. Plan Accurately

A well-thought-out design can save you from a lot of costly reworks later. So, plan wisely, keeping all the elements in mind, and save yourself from overspending while constructing pet fences. You can even seek help from professional pet fence providers like us. With immense experience in the pet fencing world, we can help you eliminate the confusion and score the right fencing solution as per your needs and budget.

5. Always Bundle with Kits, Instead of Buying A La Carte

Buying individual fencing items could be a costly affair. It also leads to lots of wastage and unwanted expenses. So, instead of ordering individual fencing supplies from different suppliers at higher costs, order DIY fencing kits from Easy Pet Fence – a one-stop solution for all your fencing needs. Our bundled pack offers you an easy, convenient, and affordable way to build high-quality fences for your four-legged friend.

Our fencing kits are available in different materials and sizes and can be purchased at an economical price point. Whether you are looking for a no-dig dog fence or a kitty corral cat fence kit that safeguards cats from birds and other predators, at Easy Pet Fence we have them all. Our DIY fences are easy to use and can be installed at home without any professional help. Made of high-quality material, all our products are strong, sturdy, and built to last. They provide added security to your pet while enhancing the look and aesthetics of your property.

We also provide you with all the tools you need to construct a dog or cat fence at home without any professional help.

So, choose our easy-to-use DIY fencing kits and create a safe outdoor space for your furry friend without overboarding your budget. Simply let us know your requirements, and we’ll help you choose a product that’s right for you and your pooch.

Our experts can even create a personalized fencing solution for you – one that perfectly meets your needs and budget. So connect with us to explain your requirements or to get a free quote. We’ll be happy to help you find a perfect solution for your dog/cat fencing needs.