Cat Enclosures Vs Catios

When introduced the new cat fence product, the completely covered cat enclosure, it made cat owners scratch their heads. What makes the fully enclosed cat fence different from a traditional catio? Here's the unique difference.

We won't like, catios are great for townhouse owners and those with small yard space. Catios can secure multiple cats for outdoor playtime while keeping them protected from wildlife - thanks to the top. Additionally, catios include levels to let cats jump and play. However, catios are smaller due to their box shape and do not allow cats to freely roam yards.

Cat enclosures with tops are unique because they are rectangular shaped. This means that they offer domestic cats more room to run and play with other pets. While the cat enclosures do not include jumping levels like a catio, they offer the height and length requirements that pet owners hope for to allow them to build cat towers and add toys for cats to exercise, run and play.

Fully covered cat enclosures are great for homeowners with limited yard space for cats to play. For larger yard space, cat owners can choose a traditional cat fence for yards. 

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