Wildlife In Spring

Flowers are not the only things sprouting up on lawns and gardens in spring. The season sees an influx of wildlife on home properties as deer and other wild animals scout for food. Here are the top wild animals that homeowners should expect to see with tips on how to protect pets from the threat of wildlife encounters. 

White-tailed deer

There are over 40 million deer in the United States; and they want all of the crops from home gardens. Spring is the time of year when deer are out-and-about searching for food; and while bucks and doe will generally stay away from people and pets, they will attack if they feel their young (fawns) are in danger. For homeowners that see fawns alone on properties, do not approach them. The mother doe is nearby and will attack if necessary.

To rid deer from landscapes, homeowners will need to install a 7.5-8' foot high deer fence for best results. However, a 6' foot high plastic fence can be used for deer deterrence while staying within the guidelines of HOA's and community rules.


Bears are out of hibernation by March and April; and they are ready to get back into the eating routine. They will approach landscapes for food; but they will generally avoid people and pets. 

To rid bears from landscapes, electric bear netting is recommended. 


Coyote breeding season in January is bringing baby coyotes into the world in March. These are the types of wild animals to look out for as a pet owner. Wolves and coyotes are known to attack small dogs and cats for food and will approach them if they do not find better tasting crops to indulge. They will eat anything that can fit in their mouths including food wrappers, fallen fruits, insects, and grasses.

To rid wolves and coyotes, a metal fence with PVC that is at least 6' feet high will work best.


Female gestation period in rabbits is only 28 days; and since rabbit breeding season was in February, homeowners should expect to see a lot of bunnies hopping around home gardens. These animals will generally not harm pets - they just want vegetables from gardens!


Homeowners will see an abundance of wildlife on yards as they scout for food. Fencing is the best measure to protect pets from wildlife encounters and attacks this season. 

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