DIY Enthusiasts: How to Build a Catio at Home

For several reasons, many cat owners prefer to keep their cats from roaming freely outside. Passing cars, aggressive animals, and various diseases are severe dangers to cats. Keeping your cat inside your property is more challenging than keeping a dog inside since cats can easily climb or jump over most fences. Catios provides a way for cat owners to keep their cats safe while allowing them to enjoy outdoor time. Easy Pet Fence has you covered with this complete guide to building a catio. 

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Understanding Catios and Their Importance

Catios are becoming more popular as pet owners look for ways to provide a secure outdoor area for their cats. 

What Is a Catio?

A catio is a self-contained, dedicated outdoor enclosure for cats. Cat owners can section off a piece of their yard to build a fully enclosed outdoor area for their cats, preventing them from leaving the property. Catios are typically covered with mesh on all four sides and the top so cats can see their surroundings and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. 

Why Build a Catio for Your Furry Friend?

As a responsible cat owner, you are no doubt concerned about your cat's well-being, especially if you live near a busy road or in an area where wild animals roam freely. However, you also want your cat to get enough exercise and fresh air during their playtime. Catios offers the best of both worlds, keeping your cat in a secure environment while they benefit from outdoor time. 

Preparing for Your DIY Catio Construction

Are you ready to build a catio but need help figuring out where to start? We are here to help guide you through the process.

Are Catios Hard to Build?

Our fully enclosed DIY cat catio kits are easy to build. We include detailed instructions for a quick and easy installation. 

What Materials Do You Need to Build a Catio?

When you purchase a catio kit, we provide all the necessary materials, such as:

  • Fencing material - polypropylene mesh or galvanized steel mesh with PVC coating
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel pipe and posts.
  • Ground sleeves.
  • Catio frame connectors with eyebolts.
  • Heavy-duty, UV-stabilized zip ties. 
  • Gate with assembly hardware.
  • Kinked ground stakes.
  • Drive cap for ground sleeve installation.

How Much Space Do Cats Need in a Catio?

Vertical space is just as essential as horizontal space to cats. Many cat owners prefer a catio that is big enough for them to go inside so they can spend time with their cats. All our catios have a height of 7.5 feet and come in various sizes, with our largest measuring 30 feet by 30 feet. The catio size you select depends on the space available on your property, your budget, the number of cats you have, and the cats' activity levels. 

How to Build a Catio

This guide will explain how to build a cat enclosure with a few simple steps.

Planning Your Catio Design

Before you purchase or build your catio, it's essential to consider a few factors, such as the:

  • Ideal location.
  • Amount of sunlight or shade you want.
  • Size of the catio.

It's also crucial to determine whether you'll need an entire fencing system or extensions for an existing fence. Once you settle on these details, you can purchase the right catio to suit your needs. 

Assembling Your Catio

The assembly process depends on the type of cat fence you purchase. However, some general steps of installing a catio include:

  • Step one: Assemble the top frame by joining the pipes to the corners and tightening the thumbscrews. Ensure the top frame is square before using it as a reference for the rest of the catio. 
  • Step two: Using the top frame as your reference, drive the ground sleeves into the ground. Use a drive cap to avoid damaging the ground sleeves as you pound them. If you can't use the top frame as a reference, use a tape measure to place the ground sleeves. 
  • Step three: Slide the posts into the ground sleeves.
  • Step four: Attach the top frame to the vertical support posts. 
  • Step five: Assemble the gate and install the hinges and latch. 
  • Step six: Unroll the fence and attach it to the catio frame with the zip ties. 

For complete instructions on assembling your catio, visit our DIY installation instruction page

Making Your Catio Escape-Proof

Suppose you're concerned about your cat digging out or another animal digging into the enclosure. In that case, you can secure the perimeter of the catio by attaching steel mesh wire around the catio at a 90-degree angle to the structure. You can lay soil or grass over the mesh to maintain a neat appearance.

Enhancing Your Catio

Once you've installed your catio, you can get creative with catio designs and decor. 

Ideas for Catio Decor and Accessories

Cats need stimulation, so you can add some of their favorite toys and a scratching post to keep them busy and encourage them to exercise. If the top of the catio is covered, you can put some furniture in the catio so you can spend time with your feline friends. 

Expanding Your Catio

If your cat needs more space to enjoy outdoor playtime, you can extend your catio by adding more posts and fencing to the existing structure. Easy Pet Fence offers separate catio components, making it easy to expand your catio.

Build Your Catio From Easy Pet Fence Today

At Easy Pet Fence, we offer a range of cat fencing options, including Kitty Corral Kits and fully enclosed catios. Purchase your cat catio fencing kit online or contact us for planning and installation assistance.