Dog fence parts from Easy Pet Fence are the perfect complement to your DIY fencing kits. They provide the structural support and the finishing touches needed for your project. Like our fencing materials, our inventory of dog fence parts features superior quality and high-performance construction. We keep them in stock for fast shipment, and many orders qualify for no-cost shipping!

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Fence attachments for dogs' enclosures help create a secure and structurally sound play space. Our selection includes the components you need to bring your vision into reality.

Dog Fence Posts

Posts are the backbone of your fencing system, so you want ones engineered to do the job. We carry heavy-duty round and angled steel posts to support your plastic or wire material. Our round posts use ground sleeves that make assembly easy. Angled posts are suitable for lots with rocky soils due to their unique shape.

Corners and Ends

Corners and ends can rank among the most vulnerable spots in a fence line. We solve that by providing sturdier posts for these connections and terminations. Our corners and ends feature high-strength brace posts you anchor for extra support to promote additional security at critical points.


Gates are a must for ensuring safe, fast access to the enclosed space. Easy Pet Fence offers multiple gate styles to meet your needs. Close off your driveway with a double-gate solution, or create a single fence line opening big enough to take lawn equipment through.

What Types of Dog Fence Components Do I Need for My DIY Project?

Taking your project from design to completion is cause for celebration. Ensure you set yourself up to succeed by having all the right diy fence parts at the start. It's best to have the following items on hand:

  • Rails: These provide an extra place along the top edge to secure the fencing material, keeping it performing at its best. The additional structural support helps strengthen the fence system and offers an attractive finished appearance.
  • Fencing material: The wire or plastic material you choose for your project makes up most of your fence's surface, as it spans the distance between poles. We recommend buying slightly more than you think you'll need so you're sure to have enough.
  • Tools and equipment: Our complete dog fence kits have all the required materials and hardware. You'll need only standard tools and a digging bar or earth auger to install your fence.

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Easy Pet Fence has been a leading internet retailer of simple, effective, and humane dog fences since 2017. Learn more about all the high-quality options we offer by browsing our solutions online. We also carry a large inventory of diy fence parts and accessories to help finish the job or replace worn components.

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