DIY Dog Fence Project 101

A Beginner's Guide: DIY Dog Fence Project

Starting a DIY project can be intimidating. Do you have all the fence materials you need to start building the dog fence?

Luckily, provides homeowners with the tools needed to install a dog fence.

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Choosing the Right Dog Fence

As puppies grow into adulthood, they need an outdoor play area for training purposes, exercise and socialization with their owner and other domestic dogs. For pet owners with small, calm dogs that will not latch on to the fence, we suggest installing a poly dog fence. Poly dog fence rolls create a basic outdoor puppy enclosure made from a tough plastic fence material that is UV-stabilized for protection against all-weather elements. This type of dog fence will last 10-15 years in the field.

If strength is a concern, and you adopted a large, high energy dog who likes to dig or chew, we suggest installing a metal dog fence such as our Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire Fence for sale. These virtually invisible fences for dogs are chew-proof, rust-proof, and are built to last 20-30 years in the field.

Corners and ends for dog fences support the weight and structure of any dog fence. We always recommend that you install corner and end systems wherever your fence line corners or ends. This is because our dog fence kits include corner and end posts that are thicker and sturdier than our standard fence posts, and include one (end system) or two (corner system) brace posts that are anchored in the ground and provide support for the corner and end posts. Learn More

Dog Fence Posts are necessary for creating strength and stability of your outdoor dog enclosure. We offer three types of fence posts: a heavy duty round fence post, an angled steel post and a 'U' post. Investigate which fence post you would prefer your completed dog fence.  Learn More 

Tensioning Wire will add strength to the dog fence. Pet owners will want to apply the wiring to the top and bottom of the fence for best security and stability. When using, pull as tightly as possible, so that the pet fence remains strong. Tensioning cable prevents sag, stretch, and ripples, and helps to keep fence posts standing tall. Learn More

Access Gates for dog fences come with just about everything pet owners will need to install the entryway and gate frame onto the dog fence. It features a very simple gate latch that will match the look of your puppy fence. You’ll just need to provide a piece of fencing material to complete the gate. Learn More