Selecting the Best Fencing for Your Pet

Selecting the Best Fencing for Your Pet

As summer approaches, are you considering a fencing project to get your pets outside with you? There are many options out there, and it can be difficult to choose just one, especially if this is your first fencing project. You may be thinking that you don’t want to add an eye sore to your yard or considering if it is worth it to spend more on a fence that will hold up longer. Let’s lay out the pros and cons.

An electric fence is a common option for dog owners, but according to PETA this type of fencing is inhumane, as it can cause physical pain and mental health issues for dogs. PETA also mentions that dogs feel punished for coming back home if they do cross the fence and must get shocked again to cross back over. Although this option is aesthetically pleasing because it is invisible, it can have costly effects on your dog’s health. Keep in mind, the main reason you are installing a fence is to keep your dog safe, and there are other tasteful choices for your yard, so let’s consider other routes.

Another popular option is a chain-link fence. This option does not pose any threat to your pets like electric fence does, however, these fences tend to corrode and can be unattractive in your yard. Because of corrosion, you cannot rely on this fence, and you may end up spending more to replace the fence in a few years.

The fencing we provide at Easy Pet Fence includes poly and metal options. For dogs, typically recommend a metal type of fencing, and poly is usually suitable for cats. We also have metal fencing options for chickens! The DIY nature of our kits makes it easy to install our lightweight, flexible fencing without the cost of a professional. Our fencing does not harm animals, lasts up to 30 years, and looks great in yards (many types are virtually invisible up to 20 feet away).

Our Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kits are very popular for cats, and are offered in multiple heights from 6' and 7.5' feet. These are much taller than traditional fences and combine an unsteady feel and impassable overhang to make pet cats apprehensive and unable to climb the cat fence. With overhang extenders, cats are forced to stay in, while keeping wildlife, birds, stray dogs and feral cats, out. The base of the cat fence is constructed from welded wire fence mesh to prevent chewing and escaping. This is a safe and reliable outdoor play enclosure for cats that can also serve as a cat-proof fence for dogs!

Our Welded Wire Dog Fence Kits are very popular for dogs. They are made of galvanized steel with a PVC coating, which prepares the fencing to withstand the elements and create a reliable perimeter for your pet enclosure. This type of fence is aesthetically pleasing and great for smaller dogs or large dogs who may try to chew through it.

All in all, there are many fencing options to keep your pet in and your yard looking fresh. Compared to these traditional choices, Easy Pet Fence provides a safe, attractive, and affordable way to keep your pets in and give them freedom in your yard.

Every pet is unique, and every yard has a different layout, so we are always happy to discuss specific options with you over the phone (888-519-5954) or via e-mail to ensure you and your pet(s) fall in love with your fencing project. We promise to make it Easy.